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The charm of the classic style,
between luxury and tradition.

The Badari 1956 line celebrates the origins of the brand, well known in the world for its classic style
and the uncompromising manufacturing of the master craftsmen of Florence.


Precious materials
for timeless elegance

From precious hand-cut crystal chandeliers to furniture in solid wood, marble, gold and chiselled bronze, Badari 1956 furnishing are works of art to be handed down from generation to generation.
Unique objects that transform the house into a casket with an unmistakable charm.


The line includes two core styles:
on the one hand, the classic French style,
on the other, the English Victorian style.

The result is a harmonious style full of cultured citations, inlays, precious materials, and the unmistakable charm of the Imperial Era, where luxury and elegance give life to a richness that perfectly embodies the European taste. The manual and artisanal processing, which uses the same ancient production techniques, guarantees the possibility to customize each object and embellish it with the most sought-after feature in interior design: uniqueness.

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    The timeless style of the excellence of master craftsmen blends with the innovative creativity of the most famous designs.

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