The charm of the classic style, between luxury and tradition

Badari 1956 line celebrates the origins of the brand, globally well-known for its classic style and the exquisite manufactural know-how of the Florentian artisans.

From precious chandeliers in hand-made crystals, to furniture in hardwood, marble, gold and chiseled bronze, Badari 1956's furniture are real works of art, to be passed down from one generation to another. Unique objects that makes your home a coffer of unmistakable charm.

The line has two souls: on one hand, the classic French Louis XV and Louis XVI style, one the other hand the English, Victorian one, with Neoclassical and Art Nouveau reminiscences.

The result is a harmonious style, rich in cultured references, engravings, precious materials and the unmistakable charm of the Imperial era. Luxury and elegance create opulence perfectly embodying the European taste.

Using the same working techniques of that era, the craftsmanship ensures the possibility to custom every item, embellishing it with the most sought-after characteristic in the interior design field: uniqueness.


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