The timeless elegance of the classic-contemporary style

Badari Studio is characterized by a classic-contemporary style, which gives voice to the innovative soul of the brand. With Studio line, Badari looks to the future with a more modern and captivating line, with some industrial traits.

Born from the creative mind of our New Yorker designer Warren Knight, Badari Studio combines the elegance of the classic elements with the functionality of the contemporary style.


Classic shapes become minimal, with some traits recalling Art Deco. Precious metals as gold and crystals are replaced by glass and metals, symbols of the early '900 industrial design.

Though transforming luxury in simplicity, this line retains the passion for details, which is the core characteristic of the brand, as well as the research for a unique, timeless elegance.

Badari Studio reinterprets and modernizes the classic style with furniture and home accessories that give a fresh and bright look to every ambiances.

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