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Every shape of luxury
We make ideas into fine objects
Badari 1956
Luxury and elegance of Made in Italy.
Badari Life
The class of lines, the uniquess of handmade
Classic and Contemporary
Exclusive details for fine products
A tribute to matter
The power of materials enanche their beauty
Florence, 1956
An ancient story, founded on craft of made in Italy
Illumination, forniture, chairs and luxury accessories
Elegance of the lines
Looking for excellance in every detail
Passion and creativity
Love for matter turns in uniqueness
Form that changes
Craft of details, finishes’ perfection
Endless luxury
Every desire comes true, in unique and inimitable objects
Art is not just about knowing how to create something but also knowing how to join high quality materials and creativity for a single purpose: amaze.

The classic style between luxury and tradition

The essence of the materials enhances its beauty


Luxury craftsmanship is expressed through tailor-made personalization

We transform your ideas into wonderful objects through the hands of expert craftsmen, who are capable of transforming metal into a noble and precious element, which will dress your home with unique and customized products.

The Design Office works in stylistic, textile and material research and makes, on request, proposals to furnish and decore entire rooms, following you in the choice of style, models and decorative elements.

Just like a tailor carefully select fabrics and improve their cuts with experience, we dress your home with highly personalized, elegant and high quality products.

Choosing us as your furniture provider you are going to have by your side an all team of experts in materials research and with an independent production capacity, in order to add uniqueness to your projects.


Our purpose is to turn your ideas in wonderful objects.

Badari offers all of his knowledge and experience in working materials to realize all your dream objects and reach absolute excellance. An endless luxury that will always be in the memory of those who will admire it and it will surely know how to be the elegant main character pursued by everyone. Our role is to turn your ideas in wonderful objects through our artisans’ hands that will know how to transform metal in that element that has always made our homes’ forniture noble.

Everything begins from an idea...
Our craftsmen have invaluable experience in the processing of the finest and most delicate materials, fabrics, and semi-precious stones. Extensive knowledge of the complex process of tailor-made" and a passion for details are Badari's features.
Wishes that come true
We start from the design phase: together, we transform your ideas into a specific and detailed design plan. The following step is your approval, after which we make the technical drawings by using the most advanced software.
From imagination to reality
Once you have decided on each aspect, we create the objects, handmade, combining modern technology with artisanal processing methods. Each part is assembled in our spaces, and it is then photographed, to obtain the customer’s final approval.
Love, dedication, art. All enclosed in our laboratory. Come and discover it with us.


The design department create, on request, proposals on furnishing and decoring spaces.

Badari puts together architects, interior designers, and clients in the realizations of this ideas giving them all the supports they need in developing projects. The design department is always looking for materials to personalize spaces and it creates on request proposal for furnishing interior environments and identifying models and styles, selectioning decorative elements and fabrics to use as part one the project.


Badari’s Bespoke is always been a unique symbol of our artisans’ capacity to translate your aspirations
into true jewelry.

Just like a tailor measures, selection fabrics carefully and improve their cuts with experience, focused on creating a unique and lasting suit, Badari dresses your home with characterized products, realized listening and answering your needs. We have always done it and we are in love with it, for this reason Badari’s Bespoke is always been a unique symbol of our artisans capacity of translating your inspirations in true luxury treasures for your home or your project. The productive project is committed to hands that has decades of experience on working metals with elegance and mastery, turning obstacles in qualities, chiseling by hands those details that are going to make the Badari’s object the protagonist of most important events and that are going to be able to elevate the daily in something extraordinary to be proud of.


By choosing us as your only furniture provider you are going to have a team of allies by your side.

Badari has been evolving over the course of decades and we have reached the higher target. We do not create the most beautiful product but we comunicate our message to as much people as we can. We can do this by handling the costs and proposing a Total Living offer unique in its form, without giving up on those luxurious vices that make an experience unforgettable. Choosing us as your furniture provider you are going to have by your side an ally team of experts in materials research and with an independent production capacity, in order to add uniqueness to your projects and it is going to make it appealing even for the most demanding eyes.


Each Badari’s collection is a story to tell and discover, live and taste.

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Twist your office with Badari & Home Office Life!
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Materials. We discover something new each time we approach a new project or a new request. And that is what keep us in love with what we do 🔥.
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Hive. That's the newest Chandelier included in our LIFE collection.
Link: https://www.badari.com/prodotto/14167

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Check out our Eclipse Wall Light!

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