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Florence, 1956

The story of Badari began in Florence in 1956, when the founder Marcello Badari set up his repair business of brass chandeliers, just before the great economic boom experienced by Italy after World War II. Badari understood that times were changing and new job opportunities were arising. He, therefore, started a new business, specialized in the production and reproduction of artistic chandeliers, which soon started to attract new clients, especially Americans, who were fascinated by the “Made in Italy”.


From Badari Marcello
to nowadays Badari

In 1983 our company changed its name from Badari Marcello to Badari Lighting. Led by CEO Roberto Lari, the company began to establish itself as a leader in the production of classic style lighting, creating chandeliers and lanterns with an unmistakable style, elegant and luxurious. Now in its third generation, the new CEO, Mr. Patrizio Lari, has expanded production, creating and marketing not only lighting products, but also luxury seating and accessories, encompassed in the classic and elegant line: 1956 and simplifying our brand into what is now: Badari. As part of a process of continuous evolution, in 2018 we expanded our product range by presenting LIFE. Contemporary, with features inspired by nature, LIFE features clean, sinuous lines that emphasize the'inner elegance of handmade products.

Badari stands for excellence and attention to detail.

The art of Badari lies not only in knowing how to make an object but also in knowing how to carefully choose the materials that can be used to create something unique. Each passage gives relevance to the chosen materials, from bronze to crystal, up to the semiprecious stones that decorate our masterpieces with a timeless charm.

The knowledge of different styles is fundamental to create objects that draw inspiration from the past, but that want to be considered modern and appropriate for modern society at the same time. That means that each object must be functional and practical while maintaining the unmistakable charm of the original model from which our masterpiece are created.


To create a masterpiece, the craftsmanship of the detail is the key to our success.


Each piece of our Collections is born from the desire to convey the love for materials through simple objects that, shaped by the expert and meticulous hands of the master craftsmen, become real works of art. Passion and dedication are the core values of Badari 1956 and Badari Life: our love in your homes.

Badari almost has 1 century of experience in working metals.


Our knowledge creates ancient working methods applied to the most advanced technology so we can dominate the materials we work on and enanche the flavors following a true path. Obstacles enrich the results and one of our task is to pass down this through our products.

Finest quality materials.

Badari chose to use the best of every situation.
We strongly believe that every product we create hat to pass down its luxury and handcraft message. A never ending research of the perfect ingredient.

Searching for perfection means seeing things others do not see.

Our founders as always inspired us to look for flaws, because everything has at least one of them. The attention we give in producing Badari’s objects is a fundamental aspect to allow the production to go on. We have always been doing it.

We spent decades to realize a wide selection of finishes.

Every little difference found between the given sample and the realized color is to consider as part as the treasure to discover during the making process that is going to be shared with you, step by step, to obtain better result.



The material that is shaped and the simplicity that is transformed into excellence.

We aim to embody and represent traditional Italian manufacturing, which for centuries has helped shape Italian history and society by adding our signature to the brand. As a company committed to making luxury products, we strive to export our lifestyle and design concept all over the world, bringing the inherent functionality and beauty of our exclusive and unique products into every home. At the same time, we care about our customers. Whether it is the customization of a product or the realization of an interior project, we try to satisfy the requests of our customers and provide handcrafted masterpieces that match their personality.


Each Badari’s collection is a story to tell and discover, live and taste.

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    The timeless style of the excellence of master craftsmen blends with the innovative creativity of the most famous designs.

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